What Companies Can Remove Skunk Spray Odors From Homes

Who to Call to Remove Skunk Odors From Your Home

When a skunk, or polecat as they are known in some locations around the United Sates, becomes defensive of its territory due threats from another species, they will often excrete a strong scent that can be difficult to remove from any absorbent material. While skunks will generally give plenty of warning before they spray, they have at times been known to spray with little to no warning, especially when confronted by dogs, bears, and even humans that act unpredictably.

Even if the skunk itself is not inside the home when they spray, the noxious odor can penetrate clothing, skin, hair, animal fur, and shoes and be tracked into a home or car where the scent can then linger for days, weeks, or even months if not properly treated soon after the incident occurs. This treatment can be labor intensive and intimidating to many people and may require several treatments before the odor is fully removed. Hiring a professional company to deal with this is a good investment of both a homeowner’s money and sanity as these companies know exactly what works to remove the odor the first time through, saving homeowners time and headache when dealing with the tough skunk odor on their own.

Companies that specialize in wildlife removal are often a good place to start and are generally easy to find in both larger cities and smaller rural areas. These companies not only have the knowledge on how to remove the odor from your home, but can give you tips to prevent a recurrence of the incident as well. Professionals may also be able to provide a customer with make-at-home sprays and mixtures that are effective in removing these odors from your house, pets, and self.

Other companies that may be able to help in situations such as these are pest control companies. They may or may not be able to remove odors from your clothing, pets, and self, they should be able to remove the skunk if he is present in or around the home, and they can help with deodorizing the home and its contents, as well.

Some areas are covered by restoration services, companies that provide after flood and after fire services. While utilizing these types of companies may not be at the forefront of a homeowner’s mind after a skunk has sprayed, these companies specialize in not only removing damaged property, but in removing the smell that can be left over after these traumatic events. Despite the non-emergency nature of the skunk odor, these companies can offer valuable assistance during these times. As with some other companies, they might not provide odor removal for clothing and pets, they will be able to remove smells from your carpet, drapes, walls, and furniture.