There are very few places in the world which are not affected by some form of natural disaster or the other. Many times it’s difficult to tell when one is going to occur and, without some level of forewarning, there is only so much that one can do. However, given an area’s history, it might be possible to predict what types of natural disasters are most likely and therefore take the appropriate steps to guard one’s home against any damage.

If one knows that there is a particular season during which natural disasters are more prevalent, e.g., hurricanes, then one should ensure that all repairs to the home should be done before this period. Hire a reliable contractor in order to ensure that all building codes are upheld. Storm shutters are a must over windows and doors in areas which are prone to high winds. Hurricane straps are also a good idea as this will help to keep the roof right where it is instead of being ripped off the home.

Having a stockpile of drinking water and canned goods isn’t just a good idea. It’s a necessity if one lives in an area that is hit by tornadoes, hurricanes or other natural disasters. Remember that, given the severity of what has happened, it may be difficult to leave the house or locate supplies for a few days. First aid supplies, flashlights, batteries and blankets should also be on standby. Check the emergency kit often to ensure that nothing needs to be changed.

Many people still don’t see the point of having flood insurance. If one lives in an area which is not prone to flooding then one might be able to get away with it. However, in recent years places which have rarely experienced any flooding before have been hard hit. Flooding can cause extensive damage to one’s home and, even if one has taken all the precautionary measure, no one is to say when a water pipe might burst or sewage system might back up because of heavy rains.

A smart homeowner doesn’t wait until a natural disaster has struck to then think about all of the things that they should have done. Home repairs can be costly and it’s best to try to keep them down to a minimum while at the same time ensuring the safety of one’s family and one’s belongings. As far as possible, try to determine what natural disasters are likely to affect one’s area and take the suitable steps.

Updated: May 10, 2012 — 4:30 pm
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