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When floods, storms, hurricanes and other water emergencies strike, the key is in the speed of your response. Water must be quickly extracted, buildings and all of the contents needs to be immediately dried and dehumidified, and contaminated items sanitized from their exposure to sewage and other water-borne toxins. In as little as 24 hours the onset of dangerous mold, mildew, and bacteria will begin. If your home or place of business has endured any kind of storm or water damage, you need professional cleanup immediately, and The Florida Restoration Pros has the best Clean Trust Certified  technicians from water extraction to major flood cleanup we stand ready to serve you with state of the art equipment and procedures. We have cleaned up flooding at Universities, Hospitals and Government buildings to help keep the doors open and minimize business interruption.

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Water Damage Restoration Services Fort Lauderdale Florida

From the moment you contact The Restoration Pros about your residential or commercial water damage, we will dispatch our water restoration team. Our trained and certified technicians will then use the latest state-of-the-art drying and restoration equipment in order to completely restore your property to pre-loss conditions. It is important to react within 24-48 hours of initial water damage if you hope to salvage as much of your property as possible. By calling us as soon as the disaster occurs, you can avoid extensive damage and the costly repairs typically associated with such damage.

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When it comes to water damage, immediate response is imperative! Don’t hesitate call The Florida Restoration Pros immediately.

Here at The Restoration Pros we pride ourselves on doing the best job every time. We treat each home/office as if it were our own. Ethics and honesty is what drives us and makes us the best in restoring your property. So no matter your need, big or small you can trust that we will use the right techniques for your loss, be it water damage, flood damage, house flood, sewer damage, or storm damage.  We are also available for your call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure your home or business is restored properly and professionally. Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. Call our offices 24/7 for emergency response and restoration services.

Local Resources

FEMA Assistance  – Flood Smart National Flood Insurance – Fort Lauderdale City

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We have Certified Experts to perform any size restoration service:

  • Water Extraction / Sewage Extraction
  • Personal Property and Document Restoration
  • Mold Damage And Clean Up
  • Flood Repair And Flood Restoration
  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning / Snake Drains / Sewer Backup
  • Wet Content Cleaning and Storage
  • Water Damage Restoration Services
  • Fire Damage Restoration Services
  • High Efficiency Drying / Dehumidifiers/Structure Dry Outs
  • Disinfecting & Sanitizing
  • Broken Pipe And Plumbing Repairs
  • Hoarding and Specialized Cleaning
  • Animal Damages
  • Emergency Board Up – Vehicle Impact and Storm Damages

Count on The Pros to minimize your loss and get you back to living life as usual. Our quick response and turnaround helps minimize water exposure to walls, ceilings, floors, and contents.  24-Hour Service allows us to offer this rapid response in the best of times and in the worst of times.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Water Damage and Flooding Disasters

    Does Hurricane Insurance Cover Flooding

    Hurricane coverage will often cover water damage that is a direct result of the peril of the water damage that enters the home, driven by wind, or other entry points. Many insurance companies, provide exclusions for secondary flooding (rivers, water swells that result from heavy rains with hurricanes.

    How Quickly Will Black Mold from Water Damage in Florida?

    The rate of black mold growth will vary depending on the exposed surface and moisture exposure. Generally properties in Florida experience faster mold growth due to the high levels of humidity.

    Does My Insurance Company Cover Water Damage From Sprinkler Outdoor Systems

    Broken sprinkler lines are a leading cause of water damage disasters. These types of water losses are generally covered by insurance coverage, but your exact policy language will dictate your coverage eligility.

    What is meant by urgency to start mitigation to prevent secondary damage?

    Most property insurance companies have specific language in their policy that require property owners to work quickly to mitigate their water damage in an effort to prevent additional secondary damage (water damage, mold growth, structural issues.