Florida Mold Remediation & Cleanup

Florida Mold Remediation & Cleanup Services

The restoration experts from The Florida Restoration Pros  have many years of experience in mold damage remediation. We can safely and effectively clean and remove mold from your property. If you have mold in your home it can be a real pain trying to remove it. You may think you have it taken care of, but in fact mold spreads quickly and can contaminate many parts of your home. Mold can also be serious health hazard. In some means you may not even now you have a mold problem. If a pipe breaks or if your home leaks over time mold can form inside of walls, in the attics, or in the basement. Restoration companies, such as the Florida Restoration Pros can send in specialists to perform test using infrared sensors to determine if there is a mold problem.  If you have experienced water damage it is a good idea to contact a restoration company in that mold can form and spread within the first forty-eight hours.

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Most strains of mold are not lethal, but if it is black mold that is a whole different story. Bathrooms, sinks, or anywhere else that can cause leaks can be sources to mold problems. Most small mold spots can be disinfected with chemicals, but larger areas affected from floods or broken pipes need to handled by professionals. It is not a good idea to try and clean a large mold problem on your own. In doing so you can allow mold spores to loosen, releasing them and allowing them to spread throughout the home. Getting the problem addressed as soon as possible is very important and can help stop the spores from spreading. Any mold can be a health issue and should not be taken lightly. That is why it is always a good idea to call in the professionals when dealing with a large mold infestation on your property.

Mold Remediation – Airborne Testing – Sanitation & Deodorization

Allowing a restoration company to help you with this problem can assure you that your home and family will be safe in the long run. Our Clean Trust Certified technicians will use state of the art equipment and techniques to make sure that all problem areas will be cleaned of any mold infestation. Air scrubbers and dehumidifiers are main units used to clean the air of spores and lessen the humidity, in turn stopping mold to grow. The Florida Restoration Pros is your best bet when dealing with mold on your property. Call us today!

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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Water Damage and Flooding Disasters

    Does Hurricane Insurance Cover Flooding

    Hurricane coverage will often cover water damage that is a direct result of the peril of the water damage that enters the home, driven by wind, or other entry points. Many insurance companies, provide exclusions for secondary flooding (rivers, water swells that result from heavy rains with hurricanes.

    How Quickly Will Black Mold from Water Damage in Florida?

    The rate of black mold growth will vary depending on the exposed surface and moisture exposure. Generally properties in Florida experience faster mold growth due to the high levels of humidity.

    Does My Insurance Company Cover Water Damage From Sprinkler Outdoor Systems

    Broken sprinkler lines are a leading cause of water damage disasters. These types of water losses are generally covered by insurance coverage, but your exact policy language will dictate your coverage eligility.

    What is meant by urgency to start mitigation to prevent secondary damage?

    Most property insurance companies have specific language in their policy that require property owners to work quickly to mitigate their water damage in an effort to prevent additional secondary damage (water damage, mold growth, structural issues.