How Does Hurricane Irma Compare To Other Hurricanes That Have Hit Florida In Years Past

According to the weather news, Hurricane Irma will arrive on Florida soon. The category 5 hurricane undoubtedly is going to bring a lot of damages to Florida and this reminds the local people about Hurricane Andrew that occurred more than 20 years ago. Hurricane Andrew happened on the 24th August in 1992 and caused 65 deaths. The entire Miami area was destroyed and rubble of buildings can be seen everywhere.

Hurricane Andrew traveled at a wind speed of 165 mph which is a little slower than Hurricane Irma that is traveling at a speed of 186 mph. Hurricane Andrew at first go through South Florida and then onwards to the Gulf of Mexico. By the time it goes to Louisiana, it has already become a less powerful storm. Irma will have a completely different outcome than Hurricane Andrew.

Hurricane Andrew has caused about $25 billions worth of wreckage to Florida. It was many years later before Florida become finally restored from the impacts of the hurricane. Forecaster predicts that Hurricane Irma will head north in a more powerful wind after wrecking Sunshine State.

The latest news reported that Hurricane Irma has already hit Caribbean islands such as Barbuda and St. Martin. It has taken toll of the lives of a few people in the Caribbean islands. Almost all the buildings in Barbuda are turned into piles of rubble by the storm wind. Right now, in Puerto Rico, many homes do not have access to electricity.

Hurricane Irma is reportedly a Category 5 hurricane when it it Puerto Rico but it is unsure whether it will still remain a category 5 when it arrives on Florida. It probably well weakened to a Category 4 hurricane when it reaches Florida. Despite that, many weather news agencies have forecast that Hurricane Irma will bring an even more devastating impact compared to Hurricane Andrew.

It is estimated that Irma will arrive in the Central Florida this Saturday evening. According to the National Hurricane Center, Irma will hit the luxury region in Miami where there are lots of hotels by the coast. After that, it will make its way to Broward, Palm Beach counties and other places in the north. Forecaster predicts that Irma will affect a significantly higher number of the population compared to Andrew. Andrew only hit 1/5 of the population in Miami Dade. Hurricane Irma will affect the entire peninsula and not just a region in Florida.

When Andrew hits Florida, there are only around 2 million people living in the area. Now, there are many more people living in the area. So, if Hurricane Irma really hit Florida, it will definitely affect a higher number of population. Therefore, you should prepare yourself to face the storm.