Stachybotrys chartarum or toxic black mold can be a major health hazard if left unchecked. The symptoms of the health issue form such mold increases in severity. It can start allergic reaction and then with headaches. In severe cases, intense coughing accompanied by bloody phlegm is caused by black mold sickness.

Moisture attracts black mold and the most common breeding ground for this mold is the basements. If there is a substantial amount of moisture in your basement or if there are water leaks in the basement then you can be sure the black mold exists here. You should hire a qualified professional who can provide good mold removal services. There are professional companies that could help you as well.

The mold removal services include some basic steps. A protocol is followed to determine the existence of the toxic mold and to eliminate it if it is present. The five basic steps involved in mold removal services are:


Qualified mold removal companies will need proof that it exists before they can start with the mold removal services. Find somebody who can reliably prove that the black mold is present. The process of mold removal services involves identification of the contaminated area so expect the work to get a little intrusive; the contractor you hire for the service may need to move furniture and rugs. When they find the mold they can show it to you, it is greenish black or black in color and will be slimy and wet to touch.


When the entire mold removal operation begins the contractor will close off the contaminated area completely. The mold removal services involve methods that may disperse the spores into the air so it is important that the people in the house are not harmed by them. Lots of tapes and plastic sheets are used to contain the contamination and if many rooms need to be cleaned then it will be done one by one.


The type of filters used in high-end vacuum cleaner called HEPA filters are used in machines for filtering the air so that the mold spores and other particulate matter are removed from the air. The people providing the mold removal services will also use special gear such as goggles and masks to prevent the absorption of the contaminant.


Removal of the spores is the most difficult part of mold removal services. Glass and plastic surfaces can be easily cleaned and scrubbed but other surfaces may had nooks and crannies that can easily hide the spores. In severe cases a lot of porous material, like concrete or wood, will need to be removed. Molds reproduce and multiply like any other living thing and will try to resist the removal operation by hiding in wooden windowsills and concrete basements.


After the mold has been removed the next step in the process is repairing the damage. If the mold has damaged significant parts of your house structure then you may need to hire an experienced waterproofing contractor for the basement.

Black mold removal may not be easy and the health hazard they pose must not be taken lightly. To avoid the expenses involved in mold removal services make sure that your home is not ideal for black mold to thrive.

Updated: September 28, 2010 — 8:09 pm
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