NAAO Issues Updated Hurricane Forecast

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA stated last week that as the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season is progressing the chances of storms forming and making landfall is on the rise. Originally, NOAA predicted that we’d see between nine and fifteen named storms this year. However, it has now…

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What to Do Following a Hurricane

Even though the damaging winds and pounding rains of a hurricane may have passed, there is still danger to affected residents. If you have been forced to evacuate your home, before returning home you should check with the local authorities to find out if your neighborhood is safe to return…

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Jarvis in Nashville to assist with flooding cleanup

A leading national disaster response company is now in the Nashville Tennessee area to assist with flooding cleanup. Jarvis Property Restoration of Harrison Township Michigan is a company that specializes in responding to large catastrophes caused by storm damage. First responders from Jarvis Disaster Recovery team were dispatched on Sunday,…

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Dealing With a Wet Basement

So how does one deal with a wet basement? Well the first thing is finding out the cause of the leakage. Is it some old plumbing that needs to be fixed, or does one simply make a habit of hanging wet clothes in the basement? Once the problem is identified…

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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Water Damage and Flooding Disasters

    Does Hurricane Insurance Cover Flooding

    Hurricane coverage will often cover water damage that is a direct result of the peril of the water damage that enters the home, driven by wind, or other entry points. Many insurance companies, provide exclusions for secondary flooding (rivers, water swells that result from heavy rains with hurricanes.

    How Quickly Will Black Mold from Water Damage in Florida?

    The rate of black mold growth will vary depending on the exposed surface and moisture exposure. Generally properties in Florida experience faster mold growth due to the high levels of humidity.

    Does My Insurance Company Cover Water Damage From Sprinkler Outdoor Systems

    Broken sprinkler lines are a leading cause of water damage disasters. These types of water losses are generally covered by insurance coverage, but your exact policy language will dictate your coverage eligility.

    What is meant by urgency to start mitigation to prevent secondary damage?

    Most property insurance companies have specific language in their policy that require property owners to work quickly to mitigate their water damage in an effort to prevent additional secondary damage (water damage, mold growth, structural issues.